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LA Times reviews the metronome as a great tool for runners.

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Here is an excerpt from the L.A. Times fitness article giving a glowing review of the Seiko DM-50 metronome as a crucial tool in any runner's arsenal:

Seiko DM-50 metronome: Not an athletic product per se, but a musical instrument aid seen in orchestras, this clip-on beeper provides an audible marker for runners aiming for an ideal cadence.

Likes: It works. A favorite tool of top L.A.-area coach Steve Mackel and other adherents of the popular ChiRunning method, the metronome's high-pitched squeak trains runners to increase their cadence to an ideal rate of 180 steps per minute. The higher the cadence, the lower the fatigue and injury rate, because time on the ground with each foot strike is minimized. The quantity of beeps is adjustable from 30 to 250 per minute, and volume is also adjustable. Weighs 1 ounce and clips on the waistband of running shorts.

Dislikes: None.

Price: $24.95-$34.95. (800) 586-3876;
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