Forbes Writer Trains with Chi Running - Chi Running

Forbes Writer Trains with Chi Running

Posted by Gary S. Reckard on Tue Aug 21st, 2012, 3 comments

Forbes Writer Trains with Chi Running

Forbes columnist, Larry Olmsted, will be training for the 2013 London Marathon with Chi Running. He was an injury-free runner, but years of hard training eventually led to knee surgery. After not running for two years, he's determined to finish the London Marathon pain-free and will be writing periodically about his training experience. Click here to check out his first piece on how he found Chi Running and what he hopes to gain. 

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candace running Aug 25th, 2014 06:47pm

I’m looking for Larry Olmsted’s follow-up article to his Chi running training experience.  Did it not work out?  Don’t see any posts of his after his first in Forbes 2012.

Hi Candace,

Thanks for reading our blog. We haven’t heard from Larry since his first post, but we’ll check in with him to see how it went. We appreciate the reminder!

I was curious about whether Larry Olmsted had managed to fulfil his ambition to run London, but couldn’t find any follow-up article. So I looked around the web, and in an article he wrote in 2013 about Ons shoes he writes, “I have not tested the shoes, as I was unfortunately forced to quit up my longtime running habit cold turkey last year after knee surgery.” That would suggest to me that in 2012 he must have developed serious knee problems that required surgery, so he didn’t have time to get seriously into chi running, and never managed to run London—quite sad.

What are your thoughts?

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