Core Strengthening Series, Part IV: The Chair/Ball Exercise - Chi Running

Core Strengthening Series, Part IV: The Chair/Ball Exercise

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Wed May 6th, 2009, 3 comments

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I do not usually do testimonials but I have to tell you I am a believer in Chirunning after applying it for less than 2 weeks. Last Saturday I took 29 seconds off my previous best time in the 5k, for 2009. The chair routine has helped to reinforce what I’ve been reading in your book and I like that I can get 2 things done at once with it. I’ve been running competitively for 50 years and have seen a lot trends come and go, but I think Chirunning could very well revolutionize our sport. I have registered for your workshop in Asheville on 6/6 and am looking forward to meeting you. Don

Meredith Roach May 18th, 2009 06:56am

Hey Chi Running buddies,
Great video - very unique movement and something I’ll try.  You guys should check out the new book about the Tamahuara of Mexico “Born to Run”.  It sounds like they’ve been doing the chi running technique for thousands of years.  More testimonial about using the power of gravity rather than fighting. “That which you resist persists!”  Keep up the great work.

Catering By Joseph Jun 9th, 2009 10:20am

Loving your site.  Seems like you update often so that’s good.  I am adding you to my google reader!  Thanks for keeping it going.

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Just wanted to say that after reading Chi Running and trying it for a week, I felt like it finally "clicked", and I cannot even remember how to run the old way (which I did faithfully for over 20 years). 

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