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Chi Running workshop in (rainy!) Asheville

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Tue Sep 29th, 2009, 1 comment

Saturday was gorgeous, despite all the rain.  (Seriously, people. If you don’t live in Asheville, I can’t possibly explain the amount of rain we’ve had this year. It’s incredible, and I realized that it’s suddenly autumn and I don’t feel like I really had a true summer.)

We had a great group at the workshop, and spent the day teaching the basics of the Chi Running technique. The Pool Running Drill is so fun to teach, and I think it brings people out of their heads and into their bodies. If you have the new version of the Chi Running book, check out this drill on page 100.  Also, the group found the Core Strengthening Exercise helpful, too, on page 74. Thanks to all our Workshop participants. It was great fun!

I have been going out for brief jogs with Oliver and trying to talk him as often as possible. Every time I go out with him, I prepare by getting really clear in my head that I am centered and in control of him and myself. I get my bones aligned and always do the Body Looseners. They’re so helpful and relaxing at the same time. I have felt very strong when I go out walking, and although I can tell my cardio-aerobic capacity is a bit less than it used to be, I am in my body and that feels great.

Recently, I have really been working on my chin down and pelvic rotation. I feel like my core is pretty well engaged most of the time when I am moving, and want to work a bit more on pelvic rotation. With all the hills around Asheville, the downhills are a great place to practice “sticky feet” while walking or running and letting my pelvis rotate and be relaxed.



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Thanks to you and Michelle for a great experience. I learned a lot, especially the feelings I should have with posture, pelvic rotation, lifting my ankles, etc. You are right about the rain .. I was going to go for a trail run after the session, but it started to rain heavy, so just headed home. Next day, I ran 9.25 miles effortlessly..  Thanks for a great workshop.

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