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ChiRunning App Available May 2013

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Fri Apr 19th, 2013, 20 comments

I see countless people running with their iPhones every day. Most of them are probably listening to music. But, many are using running apps to track their pace, distance, routes, and calories. Knowing your daily running stats is important, but I started thinking, “What more could an app offer?” What if an app could actually help you become a better runner? Reduce injury and effort? Make every run feel good? That’s why we’ve created the ChiRunning app.

A primary focus of ChiRunning is quality; it’s great to get out and run, but it’s so much better for your body and mind when you run well. ChiRunning’s mission has always been to help people experience the joy of running for a lifetime, and we built the ChiRunning app to help you practice effortless, injury-free technique. You don’t have to worry about getting sidelined with injuries, and you come back from a run energized instead of exhausted and aching.

The ChiRunning app has some cool features: video lessons, a built-in metronome, and guided runs where I’m in your ear, giving you audio reminders the whole way (don’t worry – it’s easy to turn me off!) It’s like having your own ChiRunning coach running along with you.

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If you’re using an app to track your workouts, why not improve the quality of your running at the same time? Potential injuries are a threat to every runner, and the more resources we can give runners to prevent them, the better. Click here to learn more about the app features and how they can make your runs faster, easier and injury-free. 

Running never felt this good!



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20 CommentsLeave a comment below

Will it be available for androids also?

Can’t wait!

Yes, the android version will be available, hopefully by the end of July 2013. We’ll be sure to let you know!

When is May? I saw Danny’s video and can’t wait for the app!!

It would be great if the app weren’t compatible with iPhone only. As it is, the GPS feature blocks users from loading the app on an iPod Touch and accessing everything else it has to offer. Can’t this be circumvented?

Will it be available on windows phone too?

The app is here! You can purchase it from your iPhone or computer in iTunes here:

Please note the app is only compatible with iPhones - it can’t be used on iPads or iPod Touches. Thanks!

Hi Dawn,

This was our first attempt at creating an app, so we tried to keep the development simple. Our next project is to create the Droid version. However, we may be able to offer the option of turning off the GPS in a future upgrade which would allow the app to work with the Touch.

Hi Gerard,

Our next project is to create the Droid version, and then possibly a ChiWalking app for iPhone and Droid. Currently, we don’t have plans for a Windows version.

When can we expect the Droind version of the app to be available?


Hi August,

The Droid version should be available by mid-September of this year. It’s currently in the works!


Hi Casey,

Awesome! Thank you!


Hey am really interested in the DROID app can’t see it having hit the play store yet, any update on release?

Jeff Carnivale Sep 23rd, 2013 11:21am

The Android app is in testing and we hope to have it available next month. We hope to announce on the website and newsletter next month.

Its now October, any updates on the Android app release?

Still no app for droid?

Jeff Carnivale Oct 15th, 2013 09:43am

Hi Android users, I know that wait has been long. We are in the final testing stages for the droid version of the app. There are more platforms that need to be compatible. Danny is working diligently with the design team in hopes to have it ready the first of November. Hope to have the announcement up soon.

Hi anything further on the Android version?

Jeff Carnivale Dec 4th, 2013 10:28am

App for android is available now!

I’m eagerly awaiting the version that allows the GPS to be turned off so I can use it in my iPod Touch.

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