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Chi Running’s Summer Tips in Outdoor Athlete

Posted by Gary S. Reckard on Thu Jul 19th, 2012, No comments (be the first!)

This year's Boston Marathon was one of the warmest in history, with temperatures in the high 80's for most of the race. Many competitive athletes struggled, and the marathon even offered hundreds of runners the opportunity to defer their registration to 2013's race. Danny was challenged as well, but he stayed relaxed and used his tried-and-true cooling methods to help him cross the finish line.

While those temperatures were unexpected in Boston this past April, most of the US is currently in the thick of a blazing summer. Running in the heat can cause muscle and mental fatigue, dehydration, and overheating; some days, the risk (and discomfort) are so great that you cancel your run. Whether you're training for a specific race, trying to maintain your aerobic conditioning through the summer, or working on improving your Chi technique, Danny's practical tips are especially helpful in extreme heat. Check out Michelle Helm's blog in Outdoor Athlete to read about Danny's experience at Boston and what he did to keep his cool. 


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