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Chi Running Dad Is Living The Dream

Posted by Alice Diffely on Wed Jul 10th, 2013, No comments (be the first!)

Chi Running Dad Is Living The Dream

One of the many benefits of the Chi Running technique is that as it assists runners of all ages in alleviating aches, pains, and injuries, it increases opportunities for family members across generations to share their love of running.

Mike, age 59, attended one of my Chi Running workshops in Portland, OR in June.  He had recently resumed running after a 15-year hiatus.  Shortly after his return to running, Mike encountered knee pain.  His search for relief led him to the Chi Running book, and ultimately to my workshop.  The following week, on Fathers' Day weekend, Mike was preparing to run a half marathon in Washington State with his son Brendon.  The day after the race, Mike e-mailed me this fantastic father/son photo, along with a race report.  

Not only did Mike meet his goal time, but he successfully employed his Chi Running skills during the race to keep the knee pain at bay.  He writes, "I can't believe how good my legs felt during and after the race and the day after.  A couple of times my right knee began to hurt and I did a form focus and it just went away.  I could not believe how my lean increased my speed with no more effort."  Mike adds, "I also posted my best mile the last mile of the race.  I felt that I could have kept on running - kind of in the zone."  Mike sums up, "It was very special to have my son run this race with me . . . .   At least we were able to start together."

Mike's return to running has largely been inspired by Brendon's resurgence in the sport.  Brendon ran cross country in high school, but his running tapered off for a few years after that.  Now 34, he has been an avid runner for the past 7 years.  He runs marathons and ultras and is currently training for the Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run to be held August 24-25 in Easton, WA.

Like Brendon, Mike is also setting goals for his running.  He is currently training for an October half marathon, at which he hopes to break 2 hours.   He also intends to train for a full marathon during his 60th birthday year.  

After a recent “tune up” 10K race at the Lostine River Run in Lostine, OR, Mike reports, “I am still not sure what my body can handle since I am still a very novice runner. I decided to just lean a little more and see what happens. I ended up shaving a minute per mile off my previous 10K from a couple of weeks ago. I felt a little more tired but not much. I went from a 10 minute mile to a 8:58 mile. I could not believe it and I still had some gas left in my tank.  My goal was to just break an hour and I ended up finishing with a 55:48.”  Mike adds, “My knees did not hurt either!!”

The Chi Running form focuses Mike finds most helpful in alleviating knee pain are leveling and rotating his pelvis.  Other favorite focuses include working with his breath, relaxing, and feeling his one-legged posture stance as he runs.

Here's to many more rewarding miles and shared running experiences for Mike and Brendon!

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