Check out the USA Today article - Chi Running

Check out the USA Today article

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Tue May 18th, 2010, 5 comments

We’ve got some exciting Chi Running news. There’s an article about Chi Running in USAToday 5/18/2010. Go to this link and you can see the article and a video they did as well. It is really exciting to get this coverage in the national media. Also, tonight on HBO at 10pm ET will be a program on the minimal running shoe revolution which should also be some very interesting viewing. I’m curious to see if we get mentioned in that as well.

All of this media attention helps, in a big way, to spread the revolution in running that we’ve been promoting for ten years now. I just got home from teaching in NYC last weekend to two sold-out classes of Chi Running. Sunday was the first-ever Level II Chi Running class. It was a half-day class where we delved much deeper into the movement principles offered in the Level I running classes, how to do a speed workout, how to run hills without powering with your legs and many other hot topics. I’ll be offering another Level II running class in NYC in October.




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Awesome!  BTW I always wondered what it felt like for the subject of an article to read through the comments section (over 5 pages!).  I am sure you are “zen” about it!

What’s up with the form in this youtube video vs. what is shown in the USA today article as right vs. wrong?

The youtube video shows what appears to be mostly heel striking as well as landing in front of the center of gravity.  The clip at usa today shows the same for “what is wrong” but something different for “what is right.”

Can you explain?

That’s great! Without ChiRunning I would have had to stop running in February because of knee pain. Instead, I finished my first half marathon race today with a great time, pain free, with energy to spare. Thank you!

Help! I started using the chi method about two weeks ago. Ten minutes into my run today I got the same old high achilles pain that has stopped me running in the past. Feels like a knife stabbing me. Everything felt great until today. I don’t want to stop. I am 6’4” and about 270 (30% body fat) so I am sure that doesn’t help. What can I do?

Hi Tom,
All I can say is that if you’re feeling your achilles, you’re using it. That tells me that you’re lower legs are not as relaxed as they could be. When you’re really using the Chi Running technique, you’re no longer using your achilles tendon because you’re keeping your entire lower leg relaxed during every phase of your stride. You might also be running with too long of a stride, over-striding (reaching forward with your stride instead of falling forward with your upper body), or running hills improperly (too long of a stride length). The trick to not overusing your achilles tendon is to figure out how to not use it in the first place. Don’t give up, just slow down until you get it right. You’ll know when you’ve got it right when your achilles no longer complains. Getting your body fat % down to 15-20% would also help.


Really don’t have a comment,just wish Danny would make a thirty minute tape running that I could put in my DVD to follow him on my tread mill. That would do me more good than anything I think.It would be like following someone in a race for incouragement.I have been running fo 16 years, lots of short races 13 or 14 halves and 1 marathon, but at 64 I seem to need more entergy.

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