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Asheville Girls on the Run 5K – Saturday

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Sat May 23rd, 2009, 4 comments

I had the pleasure of being a running buddy to Haylie, a new friend who’s in school here in Asheville. Her mom is the GOTR coach at her school, and due to some knee pain that neither ChiRunning nor I have been able to help (I am chagrined by this fact), I was the lucky girl who got to be Haylie’s running buddy!

The weather this morning turned out to be lovely, and we were blessed with no rain and nice, cool cloud cover. About 1,500 runners, including coaches, girls and buddies, were in attendance for the 7th annual Girls on the Run 5K in Asheville. It’s quite a program, providing an active after-school extra-curricular option for girls at all different schools in the area (and around the nation).

Haylie’s goals were to: a)  jog the entire race and b) not get side cramps. I am absolutely thrilled to say that, together, we accomplished this amazing, incredible feat. It was Haylie’s first 5K!

At about mile 1, just after the first water stand, she turned her sweet face up to me and said, “This isn’t actually too bad!” I told her that I knew her mom would be extraordinarily proud and that I was proud of her, too. By the second water station at mile 2, we were both feeling a little bit warm, and sipped on some water before continuing on the race. The course was very hilly, so we worked on really pumping our arms on the uphills, and keeping our stride lengths very short. On the downhills, we really let it go and let gravity pull us along and get us down the hill. The last part of the race is one final uphill and then a full downhill to the finish line.

On the final downhill, Haylie wanted to finish with a burst, and we certainly did. Crossing the finish line with large smiles on our faces, we completed the 5k, injury-free and with joy.

Thank you, Haylie, for affording me the opportunity to be your running buddy. I am honored and will always treasure that experience.

Pre-race smiles!

Pre-race smiles!




Look at that girl smile! (I am there, hiding behind some people)

Look at that girl with her arms up! (I am there, hiding behind some people)


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That’s our grand-daughter with her arms up and we too are proud.  Her mom is also a great coach and Girls on the Run teaches much more than running.  Running is just the modality for character development and it works.
Nancy Fehl

Molly Barker May 26th, 2009 01:24pm

I saw you two finish!!!!  Way to go…and thanks for serving as a Running Buddy!!!

Hi Molly, thank you so much for your note. It was a great finish of the 5k. I was so proud to be there representing the cause. Thank you for all your work and for creating an opportunity and space for girls around the country to be empowered, strong and lovely creatures.

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your comment. It’s so true that Girls on the Run is about much more than running. I wish this program had existed when I was a girl in school. I believe it would have made an extraordinary impact on the way I viewed myself during the tougher years of school.

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