Enjoying to Run Again

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I purchased the ChiRunning book and I am amazed at the results
I’ve seen. Just within a week of practicing ChiRunning principles, I’m
finally enjoying to run again. I’m only nineteen but you would be suprised
at how hard running is when your posture and entire style of running are
inefficient. I’ve played soccer all my life and until recently staying in
shape was not a hastle. But a couple of years without running and being
just plain lazy has really taken its toll. Thankfully though with ChiRunning
I can now run miles without dreading them. I also plan on playing
profssional soccer sometime in my life. My soccer playing skills are quite
well honed but my fitness was questionable. So if I do succeed in making a
career out of my favorite sport, then I will have only ChiRunning to thank.
Thank You Danny and Katherine Dreyer. You truly have changed my life.

Stephen Howe