Enjoying running just for the sake of it!

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Despite the cold weather, I think winter is probably my favorite time of year for running. What’s better than stepping out into the brisk air (okay, sometimes frigid) and running, gently getting your body to move along, float along, all the while getting warmer as your body, muscles and mind loosen up?

Little else. I took Oliver for a quick 5-miler yesterday in the neighborhood. We went running in the afternoon, so it was warmer than I have been used to, and sunny! I didn’t take a watch or have any concept of how long or how far I was going, I was just going. It was the first time in a long time that I just up and decided to go running without any planning or scheduling.

It was a rather liberating experience. While I think the goal of running a particular race or event or mileage is important (for me) to maintain consistency with my exercise program, I think there’s a lot to be said for “just doing it” whenever the mood strikes.

As the Houston Half Marathon approaches at the end of the month, I am anticipating running a solid, steady, smiling race. I had thought perhaps I might PR again, but my training hasn’t been quite up-t0-par in order to do that. So, I am going to go to Houston, ready to see family and friends and simply enjoy the race for what it is: 13.1 of flat running!

My goals (right now) are:

  1. To keep it slow for the first mile
  2. To keep a list of 13 people or things, to whom I will dedicate one mile each
  3. To finish with a smile on my face and no pain

Keep it simple, right?

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