Encouraged and Inspired by ChiRunning

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ChiRunning has completely transformed me, thus allowing me to run pain-free once again. My last marathon was 20 years ago, which resulted in another surgery soon after. Doctors, friends and relatives advised me to minimize my running or stop running completely. I continued to run reducing my distances. My running had been reduced over the past 5 years to a couple days a week and over the last year running only 3 or 4 miles.  Cycling became more of an emphasis, yet something inside of me kept me running despite the pain and the inability to run distances.

In June of 2010 I read the book “Born to Run”, I was encouraged and inspired to learn how to run “pain-free”, thus uncovering the ChiRunning book and DVD, of which I read and started the Focuses immediately.  Honestly, I was a bit over zealous trying to do too much at once. After a few weeks of “doing too much”, I went back online to find an instructor.  Fortunately I found a 4 day workshop near me taught by Kathy Griest. Her workshop was phenomenal. Kathy was patient, fun, extremely knowledgeable, and has an innate sense of being able to coach ChiRunning to a very diverse group of students. It was incredible to be able to “learn” how to RUN. Everyone was a beginner despite our backgrounds. 

I returned home and continued to practice and gradually started to increase my mileage from the 3- 4 miles I have been struggling with over the past year. I then took a few private lessons from David Saltmarsh, another ChiRunning instructor local to my area. He too was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about ChiRunning. He reinforced the techniques that I was having trouble with to the point where I really connected with each form Focus and am able to Body Sense as I run. 

I am thrilled to report that I ran my first half marathon race in 15 years. I took the workshop only 3 months ago! I was pleased with my race time of 1:48, knowing I will improve with my continued practice and patience. Thank you, Danny Dreyer for bringing ChiRunning to all of us who are passionate about running and have been challenged with injuries. Thank you, Kathy Griest for your keen ability to coach with patience, humor, and a sense to pinpoint and help me sense the Focuses that need practice. My sentiment about running is that there is no substitute. Running frees my mind, the physical benefits are secondary. I am grateful to have running be an instrumental part of my life once again. 

Chris J. – ChiRunning Instructor Candidate