Eight Weeks Later and 15 Pounds Lighter with the Chi Techniques

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I am 35 and running for the first time in my life. I can’t even remember where I saw the advertisement for ChiRunning, but the organic nature of it drew me in.

I practiced the techniques on an off for about a year and then tragedy struck—a co-worker of mine died of a massive heart attack. After being in shock for a few days, I realized how my health needed a major overhaul—sporting 50 pounds more than what I should be weighing, I could be next in line for major health issues! Having a young family, finishing my latest degree, caring for aging parents—these were all more important than taking care of my health, until that realization.

On that day of realization, I dusted off the treadmill, tried to keep mindful of at least a few of the ChiRunning techniques, and ran for 10 minutes. Since that day (8 weeks ago), I am becoming more mindful of remembering the techniques, and how my body feels when I am doing it right and when I need to refocus. I now try to ChiWalk/ChiRun for an hour a day, every day (no injuries to date), and I feel great and I am so proud of my accomplishment!

I love how I don’t have an excuse for not having time to be healthy anymore. My priorities have shifted greatly within the last 8 weeks, and I can only see my life improving from here on. My family has become very supportive since they are seeing so many positive changes. The one thing that I’m not worrying about is the weight—it is slowly coming off (15 pounds and about 4 inches since day 1)—it didn’t go on over night, so I shouldn’t expect it to come off in that way.

My new mantra: Slow and steady, one step at a time.

Kristy C.
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan