Easter was on Sunday… and I went running!

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everyone knows that!

My friend Brynn and I went running for a quick second around Biltmore Forest neighborhood, a lovely area with little traffic and pretty lawns. We took it easy, and I felt pretty good. I wasn’t sore after running: we only ran about 22 minutes, but it was long enough to feel productive, and short enough my knee didn’t talk back. I stretched after the run, and did do the Body Looseners before running, which I have been negligent with. I think the knee and hip circles are going to be really restorative for me knee, and I have intention to make more of a habit about doing them, even if I don’t go for a run. I was also thinking of ‘tracking’ like I wrote in a previous post, about being able to lift my foot off the ground while running, making my big and small toe come off at the same time. It’s a good focus.

I honestly can’t figure out what is the cause of my funny little knee issue. I don’t want to induldge in the “what if” scenario because I think it is a bit gratuitous: if I go there, I’ll probably let it hurt more. Sometimes I think of it like a yoga posture: if you look to the ground in a pose that’s balance oriented (all of them) you’re probably going to head ‘down’, ie fall down. So, if I use that same thinking and just recognize that my knee is in a strange place, honor it, and give it appropriate but not gratuitious attention, I believe it will heal itself.

But just as a word of warning for those of you who are expecting me to be running in Seattle with some crazy results: It may be a really slow run for Lizzie. I am just really looking forward to getting out there and running and having fun. Certainly the warm weather that’s creeping into North Carolina is giving encouraging rays of sunshine to the mornings to motivate some healthy movement.

Happy Friday you all.


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