Danny’s Response to NY Times article “Run To Stay Young”

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We loved Gretchen Reynold's article in the NY Times, “Run To Stay Young”!

Danny responded to the article, check it out – 

“I have been running for 45+ years and I'm currently training to run a local half marathon. My goal is to run a 1:45 or better. I'm 65 and I teach people of all ages how to run in a way that DOESN'T hurt their body. It's not running that hurts your body, it's the WAY you run… and most people, especially as they get older, don't run the same way as they did in their twenties. I've been teaching now for over 15 years and I can't tell you how many people in their 60's, 70's and 80's have learned to run with grace and ease… without all the impact normally associated with running. Nobody says you have to run fast, but I can see how running will keep you fitter than walking, as you age. The gentleman in the picture is definitely running. If he were speed walking his leading leg would not be bent. His foot has not landed yet. And, when it does it will be under, or behind, his knee which is the safest place. His hips have a great range of motion, as do his shoulders. His hands are very relaxed and not clenched. His chin is tucked and his core is engaged. His knees are not filled with fluid and he could be a poster child for how to run correctly as an older runner. He's also smart enough to not be running on pavement.

There's also the option of doing a Walk/Run workout, where you mix short periods of easy running into your walks. For older folks, I highly recommend this approach. It keeps your odds of injury extremely low and ups the ante for your walking workouts.”

Miss the article? You can read it here!

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