Danny says…

That I got ‘switched’…

I told him, almost verbatim, what I wrote about my run yesterday. Before I could really even finish he said, “Liz, take a day off after a long run, and don’t do a track workout the day after a long run, especially!” (Duh, I know that now…)

He also said, “Oh, yeah, you totally got switched.”

“Switched?” I hadn’t hear the term, but I think I knew what he was saying…

“Yeah, you know I get switched when I walk into a place where there are a lot of people or stimuli and you’re just like ‘Waaaah’?”


“Well, Katherine and I call that switched.” It’s like your body just gets disconnected with itself, your meridians are out of sync. Try this next time…”

He proceeded to explain this exercise to me, and said that he and Katherine and even Journey (yes, the almost 9-year old) use this trick anytime they’re feeling out of whack:

Take your right pointer finger and place it just BELOW your lip, sort of on your chin. At the same time, take your left pointer finger and place it just atop your pubic bone. Press gently for 30 seconds and release.

Next, take your left pointer and place it just ABOVE your lip, just under your nose. At the same time, take your right pointer finger and place it at the base of your spine, around the sacrum. Press gently for 30 seconds and release.

The idea here is that you’ll be able to re-sync your body’s energy and get your meridians inline again. I was a little unsure, but then I went into my office and tried it, and I have to admit, it does work. I haven’t encountered this unswitching again since then during a run, but I fully intend to try it next time it does happen… However, I had a rather rough day recently, dropping things, losing things, just being out of sorts and out of the blue, Ivan asked me, “Have you done that unswitchy thing today?!”


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