Danny Dreyer responds to “Barefoot Running Can Cause Injuries, Too”

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Danny Dreyer responds to “Barefoot Running Can Cause Injuries, Too” (posted in the NY Times Well Blog on March 6th, 2013).

“The debate around shoes or barefoot comes down to not much of a real argument when you look to the predominant cause of injuries.

The bottom line is that it pretty much doesn't matter what you have, or don't have, on your feet. If you're running in a way that is inefficient, overworks any of your muscles, creates undue impact… or in other words, is hard on your body, you'll get injured. How much you push off with your toes will determine how much you overuse your lower leg muscles and create everything from muscle or tendon pulls to metatarsil stress fractures. Your rate of impact determines how many impact-related lower-leg, knee, upper leg and lower back injuries you incur. Running technique is what comes from paying attention to HOW you run… not just what you have on your feet. Lower profile shoes help to at least give your body a more accurate sense of proprioception, but changing shoes is never a guarantee that your running form will get better… or even get good enough to prevent injuries.”

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