Completed 50k Ultra Marathon with ChiRunning

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I am a 64 year old distance runner. Well, let’s say that I have been trying hard however I’ve had my share of injuries and setbacks.

I was scheduled to run the Woodstock 50k ultra marathon on September 10th, 2016. I was severely under trained and decided not to go. However, my friends believed in me and said just go and run as far as you can.

I so very much wanted to complete this run but I guessed I could only complete the first 16.5 mile loop and then I would drop out.


I read your ChiRunning book about 5 years ago and have been ChiRunning ever since. For the first loop of this ultra-marathon I concentrated and applied everything I could remember from ChiRunning.

When I reached the aid station after the first 16.5 mile loop I felt pretty good. I decided to go out and attempt the last and second loop even if I had to walk it.

To my absolute amazement, I ran the second loop a bit faster than the first, completed the 50k distance AND came in 2nd place in my age group. It’s almost unfair to the people who trained SO much harder than me. ChiRunning is a secret weapon.

If I had not constantly relaxed my body the way you taught me I don’t believe I would have completed the race let alone place in my age group.

Thank you for teaching me ChiRunning.

-Brett Foland, Ontario Canada