Completed 50K’s – 100 Mile Races with ChiRunning

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A wonderful, inspiring story from Tom R., one of our dedicated ChiRunners, who has seem amazing results using the techniques!

I first discovered ChiRunning a few years via a running friend of mine. I became very intrigued and started researching via YouTube.

I was fortunate enough to discover a all day class being offered here in St. Louis about two years ago which I attended and fell in love with the process. It was a complete change in technique for me since I had been a heel-toe runner for the first 36 years of my running experience.

My Chi running is still a work in progress and I realize I still occasionally fall back into some of my old bad running habits. Working hard to keep from doing the old ways.

I started my running life doing mainly 5k and 10k races. Some years doing more than 50 races. I have always been fascinated with the marathon distance and eventually started running more of the longer races and finally graduated to doing ultra marathons thanks to encouragement from my good friend, Jan Ryerse. I have completed 50k through 100 mile races.

As I grew older I started having muscular discomfort in my lower back causing me to DNF some of the longer races. Since switching to the Chi running method this has pretty much gone away. This past year I have been able to complete two 12 hour runs ( 51.5 miles and 48 miles ) and a 6 hour run. I’m presently training for a 24 hour run in March.

At age 76, I don’t believe I could be doing this amount of running had I not discovered Chi running. Hopefully, I can continue for many more years of Chi running.

Tom R., MO