Complaints Disappeared

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Thank you for a helpful and interesting book. I’ve tabbed it, pulled in the audio CD, the DVD, and the metronome as well as a kitchen timer, and ipod for help with this adventure. Just to make sure I’m being complete.

I’m 53 and from my first run about 15 years ago, all my runs have been fun runs — no pressure, no injuries. One marathon, lots of 10Ks, a 13K, a ten miler, but mostly waking up and running out the door for 20 minutes, an hour, or usually in the middle. In and out of every other day.

My brother gave me your book for Christmas and I realized I don’t run as much as I used to and it’s probably because I don’t recover as fast. Last July, I read your book and decided it would be fun to run more again and good for my body all over.

My form must have been awful because at first I couldn’t even go a few steps. However, within a month I had worked up to 35 minutes (about 3.5 + miles) and the new form felt good. I’ve even enjoyed the ‘form intervals’, which is more focus than I’ve ever brought to a run before. I also think the looseners and stretch exercises have helped me and are pleasurable.

I’ve been holding at 40 minutes (something over 4 miles) still just running ever other day if I feel like it (usually do) and going through the facinating process of body scanning and troubleshooting the sore spots. I really appreciate this part of your book! In the last week little complaints from my ankles, knees, and shoulders have completely disappeared!

Gay A. Davis