Compelled to Write

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Dear ChiRunning,

I am a 55 year old female and I have been running for fitness for
many years. I am not fast but I get out there almost every day. I
practice yoga and pilates and am familiar with the “core” approach so
was intrigued by the article and visited your website. I went out and
immediately bought your book.  I found it easy to understand and
went out this morning as usual but with a slightly different “bent”. It
may not sound like much but I arrived home about 8 minutes earlier than
usual. I didn’t realize that I was moving faster because I felt that I
was thinking about relaxing my legs and keeping myself in alignment. I
never needed to be fast but it was an inevitable side effect of the way
I was running.

I want you to know how happy I am that I came across your
approach and was able to get your book. Thank you for doing all the
work so the rest of us can enjoy running.

Best regards,