Commendation for Instructor Steve Mackel

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Dear ChiRunning/ChiLiving team,

I recently took a private class with Steve Mackel who, in my humble opinion, has to be one of your best Instructors. I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my ChiRunning class with Steve.

As with learning something new, I was a little bit nervous at first but his calm and relaxed ways quickly made me feel at ease, which I am sure, made it easier for me to learn.

I really appreciate the fact that Steve was extremely patient and very thorough. He showed me that he really cared and made sure that I understood everything before moving on to the next step. Not only is Steve a great teacher but he is also a great motivator. His enthusiasm and passion for ChiRunning is contagious.

As you know, it is instructors such as Steve Mackel that gives your ChiRunning training its great name. They are your best advertising.

Please let Steve know how much I appreciate his help.


Evelyn D