Chubby Menopausal Mommies

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Hi Katherine, I want all the chubby menopausal mommies to make the best 47 dollar investment in their life. Here is the real deal of my story with all the details… I was so typical – menopausal – kids grown and off to work and college, but depressed. I thought, “all I have to do is be able to complete 3-5 miles in a reasonable amount of time and I can register for 5K/8 K organized races”. I assumed that I would have to walk a portion. This is the truth, I went to the recreation area that has measured quarter miles. I had a stop watch. I said “Ok, I will run/jog as much as I can”. On the way I remembered this article about ChiRunning. I remembered a few critical things: the lean, the arms and relaxing to let gravity help…. This is the absolute truth – I started running and just kept going. When I was sucking wind I just said ” lean and relax”… relax.. have fun. I remember swinging my arms like a wild woman to get them to relax.. . and I never stopped. I crossed the five mile mark in one hour 15 minutes. I cried – it was dark- I was all alone and the street light lit the track. I knew that this was going to change my life. It was going to give me some focus for weekends…… When I got home I ordered the book and the video. I finished the Marine Corp Marathon 8k in one hour 5 minutes. I finished the Philadelphia 8 k in one hour four minutes. I took 5 minutes off my 5k time by doing the “swing step” up the hill on my recreation center. You guys need to get the word out to all the chubby menopausal moms. I know that this will be the answer to my weight struggle this spring. I have a lot of weight to lose but If I can cross the finish line as heavy as I am now, I will be adorable a year from now…. I work in an inner city school… and I keep the image of the kids running in the playground as my mental image that “this is fun”….get the word out.

Sue Ogden