ChiWalking up Everest

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I just thought I would touch base while I had a chance while I am recuperating a bit in Kathmandu. Wow. Talk about an opportunity to put ChiWalking to work in a very real way. After walking about 150 miles or so (as best we can guess) up and down mountain trails in the Himalayas up to Everest Base Camp (at over 5300 meters/around 17,500 feet in altitude) and back, I can honestly tell you that I couldn’t have down it without the ChiWalking technique. This was certainly the most physically challenging endeavor of my life. I didn’t take any medications for altitude sickness so I could really know what my physical limitations were, and I didn’t have any issues until the night after we reached EBC and slept at Gorek Shep (just over 17,000 feet) at which point I had my first headaches, etc. Luckily, we were descending that next day, and my symptoms cleared right up.

Anyway, at one point or another in the trek, as necessary I employed every form focus and technique I could think of–an engaged core, good straight/tall posture, flattened pelvis, lean, snapping knees, walking across the incline, shortened strides–both up and down the trails, I did it. My oldest son, Benjamin, read through the book for the first time, focusing on Danny’s recommendations for hiking, and was especially pleased with the results he got from Danny’s recommendations regarding how to breath. The morning we left Gorek Shep, he and one other member of our group, made an additional hike even higher than Base Camp to the summit of Kala Patar (at 5545 meters), before we made a very long hike to Pheriche.

Mike Taibleson