ChiWalking teaches you excellent mind-body connection

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This weekend, I have the honor of working with a small group of lovely ladies who are on their way to becoming Certified ChiWalking Instructors. We will spend the entire weekend together (ChiWalking Instructor Training), going through the ChiWalking form, lessons, tips, tricks, exercises and drills, which they’ll eventually teach to their own students across the world.

What has hit me in the last several hours is that in some respects, ChiWalking is almost more difficult to learn than ChiRunning. Why? It’s more subtle. ChiWalking and ChiRunning both revolutionize the way people move, and both rely on the tenet of Alignment & Relaxation (the principle from T’ai Chi of Needle in Cotton) to produce efficient and mindful movement.

The devil is in the details. I think that part of the reason it takes more focus to truly Body Sense ChiWalking is because we all walk more than we run; therefore, the amount of re-learning (and re-teaching) our bodies must undergo as we rewire synapses and connections is more significant with the act of walking than with running. So, in a way, you can almost develop deeper mind-body connection with a more subtle way of movement. I think learning ChiWalking can make learning ChiRunning enormously easier…

Many of you who use and love the ChiRunning technique might be “waiting” to discover the ChiWalking technique… I urge to go read the ChiWalking book and watch the DVD as soon as you can. You’ve felt the benefits of open, joyful, pain and injury-free running, and certainly created an exceptional mind-body connection. When you try ChiWalking, you will be amazed at how intently your mind must quiet itself to listen to your body speak. It’ll do you worlds of good, both for your running practice, and for your overall feeling of well-being.


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