ChiWalking Has Energized My LIfe

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I just want to thank you Katherine for the life-changing course you taught at Kripalu in May. Both you and Ryan (Miller) gave me the motivation to start a walking program. I am proud to say that this is my 13th week and I have doubled the time I was walking and increased both speed and distance. But the best part is that I have been consistent. I have never stayed with an exercise program this long and I have kept increasing my ability each week (Gradual Progress, of course!)

What helped the most? Using the Workbook everyday. That was the best tool I have ever had. I filled in every page, continued with the blank pages and now I have started my own walking journal. As I mentioned at the training, the practice of Nia motivated me to start ChiWalking. And now the practice of ChiWalking has motivated me to maintain Nia along with ChiWalking. You have truly “energized my life “. Thank you.

-Geri L.