ChiRunning’s Definition of Good Running Form

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After reading the NY Times article: Is there one right way to run? I went for a run and realized that no one has offered an adequate definition of good running technique. So, I’ll go out on a limb and offer this:

Good running form is running in a way that is injury-free; allows you to run the most efficiently given all your speed, distance and performance goals (both immediate and long-term) for the span of your lifetime; promotes overall physical health and wellness; and is not dependent on what you’re wearing on your feet.

The article focuses on foot strike, which is just one aspect of good running technique, but hardly the whole or the big picture. The big picture is about including all the terms mentioned in the definition above. At ChiRunning, we have built our programs to accomplish our mission of providing everything in that definition.

The article is misleading in asking about a right way to run, when all that is addressed is footstrike. In studies, it is important to limit the focus so as to get definitive results. However, for the average runner it is important, to feel what works best for you, keeping in mind the definition above.

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