ChiRunning with the Ancient Egyptians…

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The quote is from an inscription found in an Egyptian tomb (not a pyramid).

An ancient Egyptian artist was stating that he is good at his craft because of his keen observation skills.  Here is a larger excerpt of his writing:
“Moreover I am an artist that excels in my art, a man above the common herd in knowledge.  I know the proper attitude for a statue [of a man], I know how a woman holds herself, the stature of the …, the way a man poises himself to strike with a harpoon, the look in the eye at it moment, the bewildered stare of a man roused from sleep, the way a spearman lifts his arm, the tilt of a runners body.  I know…”

This quote is from Everyday Life in Egypt in the Days of Ramesses The Great
Pierre Montet, University of Pennsylvania Press.

Ramses the Great lived approximately 1280 to 1210 BC.  That means this inscription is over 3,000 year old.  I don’t know if Danny was teaching the ChiRunning lean back then!

– Chris

P.S.  I am not an historian, I am a ChiRunning fan who enjoys reading about ancient cultures on the side.