ChiRunning Technique Transformative to One Runner

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I recommend ChiRunning to everyone runner I know, even the healthy ones.

A few thoughts about ChiRunning:  First, I really like the section of the book that discusses what you are doing wrong if something hurts.  It used to be that if something hurt, it was time to shut down the running and go into recovery mode.  Now when something hurts, I look at as a signal of how to improve my running form.

Second, I think the primary reason I had such great results is that I was an over-striding heal striker prior to ChiRunning.  The midfoot strike, along with increasing my cadence from 156 to 180 strides per minute have made a big difference.

Finally, I am now contemplating running an Ultramarathon.  I know Danny has a lot of experience going longer than the marathon and would love to read more about his thoughts on doing it successfully.   Would look forward to meeting you and Danny at one of the marathons expos some time.

Until then, thanks for everything.

-Jim D.