ChiRunning Success for an Ironman Runner

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I absolutely loved your book, ChiRunning.  I have heard about it for a few years and thought I would examine the potential benefits to my running.

Just for background, I compete in Ultra Distance Triathlons (longer than the Ironmans).  Specifically, these are Double, Triple, Quintuple and DECA Ironmans, so lots of running.  During these races similar to a hundred mile run, keeping “form” is always difficult in the later stages (for me this is day 3 and later).  I read the book for the first time and got a good grasp of the concepts and thought I would try it out on my run this past Wednesday.  I had just finished a 7 hour brutal snowshoe marathon Saturday and the legs were still very sore, so the goal of the run on Wednesday was just to continue to “flush” the legs.  To my amazement, using the tilt along with the”back-Kick” I was flying and no problem with the muscle soreness in the quads. I finished within 20 seconds of my fastest run over the hilly terrain and this was just a recovery run.  To say I am excited with the new technique is an understatement.  I have contacted one of your certified trainers and have a series of lessons scheduled in a couple weeks!

I am “hooked” and am still amazed at the benefits from ChiRunning!!

Best regards,

Wayne K.