ChiRunning seems almost intuitive…

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I wanted to write this letter to let you know how much your ChiRunning/ChiWalking methods have improved my forward progress. Not only shaving time off my sessions but also allowing a newfound relaxation (mental and physical) to my long distance running.

My seventy-eight year old mother introduced me to your ChiRunning book several years ago via an article in a newsletter she receives. I ordered ChiWalking for her and she also is amazed by her progress as she practices your methods. I have been recommending both of your books to many of my friends.

I have been running since 1984 and doing triathlons since 1988. I have run 30 marathons, eight Ironman distance races, several 50k’s, one 50 miler and about 60 some triathlons of varied distances. I realize I am but an infant in the endurance world and by no means come anywhere close to ever winning anything, although I have always finished. My point is that I have a good base of comparison to see how your methods can work. I have tried other running methods like POSE; however, ChiRunning seems almost intuitive in comparison.

I first noticed the great benefit of your method during the 2006 Wisconsin Ironman. I shaved off over forty minutes from my marathon time compared to the 2005 Wisconsin Ironman (4:42 versus 5:32). The only thing I know I changed was adding the ChiRunning techniques to my training. I know these aren’t blazing fast times by any measure; however, I also felt great when I finished and my recovery was much better than the previous year.

This year I climbed Mount Ranier and skipped the Iroman; I did successfully summit. Again I realize this is no big deal; I am mentioning it to make the point of how ChiWalking can transcend into mountain climbing. I found the climb more taxing than an Ironman, but this could be due to my dislike of heights! Almost immediately I noticed how I was leaning forward and leaving only one footprint in the snow. The more I focused on my posture and my breathing, as I seem to do almost automatically when I run; the easier the climb became. Without my knowledge and practice of your techniques I feel I may not have made the summit.

I know I have a very long way to go to perfect your methods, in a sense I guess it’s like trying to perfect your breathing-you are still working on it even as you take your last breath.

I will stop all this rambling as all I really wanted to say is “THANK YOU” for providing a tremendous method to make running and walking more relaxing, productive and enjoyable.

~Stephen Faris, WI