ChiRunning Rocks!

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I found out about ChiRunning after reading an article in Running Times magazine on midfoot striking. I was about to give up running at the time. I ran a half marathon 6 months prior, and ever since, my knees had been killing me.

I was the proverbial “bad knees” runner. They had caused me to quit soccer when I was in school and bothered me the entire time I was in the  military. They were now threatening to take away the one thing that has actually kept me sane. I had to do something.

After reading this article and looking at the Web site, I thought,  “Well, I’ll give it a try. If it doesn’t work, I gave it every effort possible.” And after only picking up on a few minor things my running became pain free and things are now back to normal. My form is still a work in progress and not perfect, but no one’s ever is, I guess. But I can tell you this: You have made a complete believer out of me.

I got the book & DVD Combo, plus a tank top and bumper sticker. I told my wife I almost would feel embarrassed wearing the tank in a race since I wouldn’t be representing the ChiRunning style that well —  I’m so new to it, but I love using it to train.

I really cannot thank you and your husband enough. I just finished an eleven mile run in my racing flats with no pain. I also only needed a very small amount of Gatorade at the end. ChiRunning Rocks!

— Kevin P.