ChiRunning Made My Half Marathon Possible

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I have never been much of a runner; in fact, I’ve always hated it. Always looking to challenge myself, however, I decided I was going to run a half marathon. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it. In the early stages of my training, I would struggle to run just 3-4 miles. I would be in so much pain afterward that I was not able to run for at least a week (shin splints, low back pain, soreness, etc.). I began to doubt myself; I had thought about backing out of the half marathon, which I was already registered for and committed to. I thought, “there’s no way I will make it through even 5 miles.” Then I heard about ChiRunning.

Mike Meagher, a Certified ChiRunning instructor and member of the fitness facility at which I am a personal coach for, frequently holds workshops there. I had heard so many good things about ChiRunning, I couldn’t wait to attend a workshop. What a world of difference; it was like night and day! The day following the workshop I ran the easiest 3 miles I had ever run. No more shin splints, no lower back pain. I realized that running wasn’t so bad. Then life happened. Trying to juggle 3 jobs (80+ hours a week) with everything else life throws at you, I found less and less time to train. The most I had ever run was 8 miles (that was at least a year prior–certainly not recent). However, I was committed to this half marathon, and with the ChiRunning technique, I knew I could push myself through it.

The 2 months leading up to the half marathon, I was only able to run about 6 times total (only 3-4 miles each time). Mike often checked in with me to see how I was doing. He checked my form periodically, offered advice, and even very helpful tips concerning race preparations. The weekend before the race, I ran a 10k, which was the longest distance I had run in the past year. Not feeling very prepared, I ran the half marathon. I beat the time goal I had set, I even enjoyed it! I didn’t plan on being able to walk the next day, I assumed I would be entirely too sore to even want to move. The next day, I went to my usual 4:30 am work out, no problem. Running a half marathon with essentially next to no training at all would have been impossible without ChiRunning!