ChiRunning is doing the trick

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I’ve been getting in 4 miles three to four times a week as I want to take it slow, make sure I keep my focus, and get this new style programmed into my central nervous system correctly right from the start. Whether my form is “perfect” I can’t say, but I do know that I’ve got to be doing it right since my muscles no longer lock up and keep me from running for 5 days at a time like they used to. Now I can run and then do a few targeted stretches and be fine. I had to lay off running for over a year until I found your technique, since even one short run (2 miles) would cause my glutes and hams to lock up so tight that I couldn’t run for another 5 days, and no amount of stretching/relaxing the muscles had any effect except to make it worse. That was scary since I wouldn’t have been able to run even in a life and death emergency. Not good. I knew I had to remedy that right away.

Those were very tough times. I had figured out at the very end of it that I needed to make sure that I wasn’t rotating my pelvis anteriorly while running, but I also needed to incorporate the rest of your technique, especially the “lifting up the feet”, keeping my column aligned, not tightening my glutes, keeping my shoulders and most everything else relaxed and loose, and the forward lean bending at the ankles. I can definitely feel my wheels. I love that. Every once in a while right now I’ll stop for a few seconds and make sure that I shore up my form, and then I start out again and really tune into my body sensing. I know that soon I need to let go and trust that I am keeping my form without monitoring it at every second.

I guess when you’re overcoming injury it’s easier to tell that you’ve got it right than when you’re uninjured. I guess there’s always something useful to be gained.

Thanks for your amazing work Danny. Once I get more up to speed, I’ll have to schedule in your certification class.

All the best.