ChiRunning into Spring

Spring is upon us! I think April is supposed to be the month that prepares us for May flowers, but in Asheville we are having plenty of rain, and even some flowers this March! (A few crocuses are popping out of the ground at my house, a welcome blast of purple in my otherwise fairly drab yard.)

After running the Houston Half Marathon, I have been taking it very easy. I have been traveling a fair amount, working a lot, and playing a lot. My goals this spring are going to be slightly different than in the past: I would like to try to see how I can integrate the pain-free and injury free ChiWalking technique and ChiRunning technique into my daily life as a practice, without the long-term goal of an actual race on the calendar.

In the past, I have used a race as the motivation to continue to run and remain steady with my running practice. This spring, I would like to experiment more using ChiWalking as exercise, continuing to practice the ChiRunning technique, and do it all without a specific goal at hand.

My dog and my waistline are reason enough to maintain a steady fitness routine, not to mention the immediate, incredible post-workout high I get after a good running or walking workout. I recently took a Pilates class as well, and I am excited about practicing that more and discovering how new muscle strength and usage can help me with my running and walking.

As always, I find myself using both ChiRunning and ChiWalking focuses throughout my daily life. Whether I stand evenly on both feet in line at the grocery store, keep my crown tall as I sit in front of the computer, engage my core when the dog pulls fiercely on the rope, or remember to breathe when I get flustered or pressured, I am grateful for the many skills these techniques provide me in my running and walking life and in my daily life. Oliver the dog is grateful, too.


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