ChiRunning Has Saved My Running Life

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ChiRunning has saved my running life!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I was experiencing, of late, terrible stabbing pain in my third toe… seen every doctor and chiro about it.
The short version of this story is at mile 6 of the Ithaca half marathon yesterday, my feet were yelling at me, “What are you doing, this hurts!!”,
So I grew taller by stretching my neck; attempted some nose breathing; attempted to make the C; and leaned forward as far as I felt comfortable. Within the next couple of minutes my feet were a non-issue, I felt at ease, I was comfortable and at times running with no effort. Woooooshhh! It came so effortlessly to me.

I ran the next 6 miles with gratitude for ChiRunning, Danny, and all your staff that work to get the message out about ChiRunning.

No pain yesterday during my 10-miler. I am looking forward to getting my pace back to where it was. I figure once the ChiRunning style/form is more implanted in my brain more of my focus can go back to pacing. I have two marathons this fall and now look so forward to my training.

Thank you for helping me.