ChiRunning Half-Marathon Testimonial

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I recently ran the Gretes Gallop Half Marathon in NYC with Joel Matalon, ChiRunning Instructor. I had trained over the summer a few times with Joel after taking Danny’s seminar in April 2007 in New York City. I am hooked on ChiRunning as it has helped me with the usual runner injuries so many of us encounter in a sport we all love. I am happy to say with Joel running by my side and coaching me the whole way I was able to finish 11 minutes faster than my half marathon of two months ago. Joel completed this after running the Berlin Marathon six days prior! He has patience and passion to really teach ChiRunning. He is a pleasure to work with.

I look forward to taking one of your 5-day seminars next year. I’m so glad ChiRunning has entered my life. I was told last year after an injury no more running and forget marathons. I will be running NY this weekend!! And, yes, it will be ‘Chi-ful’ as I remind myself of all those focus points you instilled upon me. – Eileen, NYC

Thanks for the huge acknowledgement, Eileen!

Joel “Fitness” Matalon is a personal fitness trainer/coach in New York City using highly communicative, person-to-person methodology to help clients reach their maximum performance. Joel is New York City’s ONLY certified ChiRunning/ChiWalking instructor.

Written By Eileen & Joel Matalon