ChiRunning Cuts Mile Times

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I just finished my first 21K half marathon and I’m writing to say thank you because what used to give me trouble (i.e., shin splints and runner’s knee) no longer bother me. Your inputs to observe a forward lean, bend my knees and run like I’m pedaling a bicycle while forming the letter C have been most helpful to me while training with the Milo APEX Running School for 3 months.

I only recently invested in the ChiRunning DVD and the ChiRunning App. The latter accompanied me for the first time during my July 26 race as I’m still trying to figure out how to use it to replace my Nike Running App. Thus far, I’ve succeeded  in using its metronome feature which I suspect is partly the reason why I shaved 10 minutes from my first 21K training pace. I have not been able to make it work yet like my NikeApp to track my distance covered, my average pace per kilometer etc. The ChiRunning DVD has been a regular companion every time I drive.

My next step is to maximize both the DVD and the App to further trim my finishing time by another 10 minutes.

I plan to run my first 42K by next year and I intend to leverage all your valuable inputs to succeed without risking any serious running injuries.

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