ChiRunning Changed My Life!

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Mary (Certified Master ChiRunning Instructor),

I will confide in you that ChiRunning is saving my life by bringing my sense of self back. The last two years of running a construction business in this economy have left me with no life, or doing anything for me. I’ve let things go and feel much better. Even the grounding stance, and feeling the energy from the top of my head to ground has renewed my sense of being. Taking one hour a day early in the morning for running the Chi way is life changing.

Mary, I thank you for the lesson, and the best money I have spent in a long time. Running is such a simple thing, or is it, and does it tie ones soul to something a lot bigger than us? The running program along with the use of the metronome almost forces you, and in my case, a lopper stride, to bring it in because you could never maintain the 85 to 90 cadence. This week will be at an 82 cadence, and by increasing weekly, I’m allowing my aerobic capacity, or the gas pedal (lean) breathing to stabilize. The breathing and 85-90 cadence will converge and improve my fitness along with running efficiency. It does work, and Danny Dreyer has helped more people than he realizes.

What is the process to become a ChiRunning Instructor? I know I have a long way to go to improve to the teaching level.  It would be a great goal, and one that I would be excited about. I have seen and will mention again what ChiRunning has done for my sister by giving her a sense of confidence and goal setting. It is life changing in such a positive way. I consider something that can make such a change in someone to be what I call of high order in the march for self-awareness.

Thanks again.
Doug B.