ChiRunning Brings Woman Closer to Her Son

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I really want to thank Danny for what I learned in the NYC ChiRunning workshop. I started thinking about changing my running form 3 years ago. I had been a runner as a teen, but due to various strains and pains decided I could no longer run. Then my son started showing a talent in the sport (the same one who is acting in the show–he’s also a varsity XC and mid-distance track runner) and I was inspired to connect with him as a runner. At that time I struggled to run 3 miles at 10+ minutes/mile.

After taking Danny’s level 1 workshop and reading Born to Run, I was a convert to ChiRunning with minimalist shoes–my distance grew and time went down. Last year I really began to focus on “being a runner” again–started running very regularly, increasing distance, running faster, and took ChiRunning 2, which gave me some important pointers about my form and technique. That was October. On Thanksgiving Day I participated in a five mile Turkey Trot–I did it for fun with no expectation or idea of how I was doing, and I came in 3rd in my age group!

In addition to making me feel great about myself (and about turning 50!), getting back to running has also helped me achieve my original goal of connecting to my son through running. He’s now about to break a 4:30 mile, so we can never run together (at least not past the end of the driveway), but we talk about running all the time and share stories and training tips. I think it’s really helped him feel supported throughout his own journey to elite running, and for that connection I am the most grateful.

Thanks again,

Linda C.