ChiRunning Book Helps a Non-Running Walker Become a Mile Runner

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I’ve been practicing T’ai Chi for a few years, and when I saw the ChiRunning book, I thought it would be a good gift for my husband, who used to run (ran a marathon), but, because of a back injury, stopped for a number of years.  I have never been a runner, but would run a block then walk a few blocks just to make my walk a little more challenging.

Well, on our vacation to Florida for New Years week, I am the one who devoured the book.  I practiced midstrike on the sand and loved applying my T’ai Chi focuses to walking. Everytime I picked up the book, I put it down again to try a new exercise. By the end of February – just 2 months – I can run a mile.  I’ll write that again.  I am a runner and I can run a mile!  My husband started running again and he has been able to run 2.5 miles.  He actually listens to some of the tips from the book and we both enjoy de-exhausting our legs!

I have the DVD. It helps to bring in the focusing techniques.  Thank you for your ChiRunning and ChiWalking newsletter.  That has helped me share what I am learning with friends and family.

-Christine R.