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In my last blog, I told you about all the benefits of running with the new ChiRunning App. This blog describes all the app’s features so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

The app is divided into two main sections: “The Guided Run” and “Chi Lessons.” I’d suggest going through the Chi Lessons first to help you set up the “framework” of your ChiRunning technique.

The Chi Lessons

In this section you’ll find short video clips, laid out in a nice sequential flow, of how to do all the ChiRunning Form Focuses. You see lessons on Posture, Lean, Upper Body, Lower Body, Footstrike, Gears, Cadence, and much more… right up to Begin Running. It’s like having All-things-ChiRunning right there at your fingertips.

The Chi Lessons also contain video clips for how to do the pre-run Body Looseners and the post-run stretches. We’ve got you totally covered, from your warm-up before you run to your recovery once you finish.

The Guided Run

The second section of the app is the Guided Run, which, for me, is really the most exciting part of the app. We went a little crazy with the features for this part. The purpose of this section is to help you instill the ChiRunning Form Focuses in your body while running.

There are five sub-categories to the Guided Run section: Run Type, Metronome, Chi Focuses, Body Looseners and Post-run Stretches. This allows you to custom-design your own Guided Runs from beginning to end and store them as presets. In this way you can repeat each Guided Run until you can feel a good “body sense” of the Chi focuses, and how (and when) to use them.

1. Run Type

Preset four different workouts with the focuses you’d like to work on. The Run Types are: Intervals, Tempo run, Long Slow Distance and Custom.

2. Metronome

Set the metronome to your ideal cadence and practice running at all speeds with the same cadence. This teaches you how to use your “gears” and not overwork your legs. There are two sounds to choose from, and the range of the metronome is from 34 bpm to 220 bpm with options to emphasize every beat, every other beat, or every third beat, depending on what works best for you. Separate volume setting and on/off toggle.

3. Chi Focuses

ChiRunning Focuses to choose from. Each one is a recording of my voice reminding you of what the focus is, and its importance. In this section you can determine how many focuses you practice on any given run, and set how often you are reminded of the focuses. They’ll play in sequential order and repeat at preselected intervals between 1 min. and 15 min. This feature can be toggled on/off and has a separate volume control. (If you listen to music while running, the music will fade while the focus is playing.)

4. Body Looseners

This feature has an on/off toggle and will automatically play sequential video clips of the complete Body Looseners routine before each workout.

5. Post-Run Stretches

This feature allows you to choose and preset your favorite stretches. Then, it plays video reminders of your stretches at the end of your run.

Additional features include:

Help section

Where you can find the latest tips and tricks for using the app.


The app tracks and stores all your data from every run. This includes things like distance, overall time, pace, elevation gain, calories burned, and a comment window where you can record notes after your workout. You can also share your workouts with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

As you can imagine, the possibilities this app offers, in terms of high quality training, are endless, regardless of your level of expertise or conditioning. Training for any race will take on a whole new level of mindfulness, preparedness and performance as the quality of your running becomes the focus of your workouts.

We put the app in happy running!

Watch the ChiRunning App Trailer

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