ChiRunning and Yoga

ChiRunning and yoga are perfect complements to each other.  Both strengthen body and mind and create balance with basic exercises and relaxation techniques.  By bringing attention to correct postural alignment and body awareness, they also reduce injuries and help you move with more ease and greater joy.

ChiRunning and yoga help calm and strengthen the mind bringing greater awareness to the body, which will translate off the mat and onto the trail or road. When muscles are released and the core engaged, you will perform better and longer. When the mind is calm and you are in the present moment, a meditative state occurs. This increases joy, clarity and purpose.  Being able to let go of the ego and increase ease will help you find a balance of optimal performance, life long health and an active lifestyle.

Wholistic Running is pleased to announce we have partnered with Molte Yoga Retreats to offer workshops and retreats combining ChiRunning, yoga and delicious food all in the beauty of Big Sky country.  What could be better?  ​​Yoga and ChiRunning, weaving our favorite activities together into a moving meditation.

Molte Yoga Retreats combine running with quieting and empowering time on the yoga mat, connecting the power and grace in nature to that within you. Join us for a high mountain retreat in scenic southwest Montana and discover the natural bounty of the mountain environment and make space for your spirit to soar.  Learn how running and yoga can help you run injury-free, faster, ​​farther and with more ease, peace, clarity and joy.

— Damian Stoy is founder of Wholistic Running, elite runner, renowned coach and yogi

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