ChiRunning after Eating Humble Pie

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Dear Danny,

When I first came across your book on ChiRunning in early 2007, I threw away the book after reading, thinking what kind of strange technique is he preaching?

I went on to prepare for my marathon training the usual “No pain, No gain” way. I got myself injured often. I realized I have to run injury-free to enjoy running. I searched the net and bookstores and realized there is only one book that teaches this, i.e. your book.

I ate my humble pie and bought your book the second time. This time around, I also took a course by Chris Griffin when he was in Singapore. I started to appreciate the technique better and commit myself whole-heartedly to your technique, even sharing the technique with my colleagues. I practice with a metronome to improve my cadence, always body sensing and conscious of landing midfoot.

I ran my first marathon in 4:08 in 2007, 3:40 in 2008 and now on my third attempt, I have qualified for Boston Marathon under my age category with a time of 3:28.

I will be going Boston on 2011.  After three years of practice and realizing my dream, it would be selfish of me not to share my testimonial.

Thank you so much for transforming me.

John N.

Follow-up from John N.

Many friends, colleagues and relatives are amazed by the transformation ChiRunning has made in me. It made me run faster yet injury free, run longer and happier and look younger.

Oh, my workplace has a weighing balance that scans your body fat and protein and tells your body age. Although I am 45 now, it says I have a body age of 29,
Yes, I will run in a ChiRunning shirt in my Boston marathon and also look out for other Chi Runners and Instructors. After all, it is this technique that brought us there.

I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Danny (Oh, I am sorry for throwing away the book once, but now I own two copies, including the latest edition too) and Instructor Chris Griffin for his guidance and influence, and kudos to all at ChiRunning team for making running a life long enjoyable experience for everybody.
Keep up the good work!

With many thanks,
John Ng