ChiRunner’s Response to the Boston Marathon

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This morning as I was watching the Boston marathon I thought a lot about ChiRunning, but then when I saw the incredible women’s finish and the way the Kenyan ran I just had to contact you! The metronome was stuck in 90 with her for almost the entire race, until the last mile when she increased the step to 91 SPM. Kara’s was at around 92 to 93, but it was when I saw how relaxed and how much lean did the Kenyan had that I knew in that moment that the race was hers – she was saving so much energy, almost falling forward!!! Wow. But the best part was looking at her arm movement, completely relaxed, quiet almost as if her arms were glued to her shoulders, as if she didn’t have hands or lower arms. While Kara and the Ethiopian were just hammering, going at it with all they had, the Kenyan was just cruising… wow!

I would have never noticed the way the Kenyan ran had you not shown me the metronome trick and to analyze the way the top runners go. That was a lot of fun!

Cheers and take care!

G. Madrazo