ChiWalking: Our Path to Walking Pleasure and Walking Speed

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During the past few years, my wife and I have become avid ChiWalkers – it’s been an invaluable and powerful journey. It all began a few years ago, when we read an article in our local newspaper challenging people to walk a marathon. My wife thought that would be fun, I thought she was crazy.

We began training shortly after that. Our goal was to walk the Portland, Oregon marathon and finish with a 15 min/mile pace. We met our goal, with considerable effort and discomfort, and concluded that that was about as fast as we would ever walk. But we caught the marathon bug and decided to do another. We walked our second marathon in Maui, Hawaii, but we were in a lot of pain by the end.  At this point, we had not yet heard of ChiWalking but, lucky for us, that lacking was soon to end.

After reading the ChiWalking book and watching the DVD, we enlisted the help of Eugene’s Certified ChiWalking Instructor, Keith McConnell, to fine tune our technique and take full advantage of this pioneering approach to walking. In no time we were ChiWalking with ease, efficiency and steadily increasing speed. Over subsequent months, we completed several more marathons (always finishing hand in hand) and cut over an hour off our initial marathon time – down to five and a half hours – who

would have thought we “older types” could ever walk  that smoothly and that quickly! Thank you, Keith!

Also, on those rare occasions when we’ve had physical discomfort, e.g., my right knee was bothering me on a walk recently, all it has taken to handle it is to do a body scan and then re-focus to good ChiWalking form. Voila, soreness gone!  All in all, ChiWalking has become our science and our art – a magical way to walk – leading to a more mindful and healthy way to live. We recommend it to everyone whether or not they ever want to walk a marathon – ChiWalking works!

Jim & Sue Mehrwein, Springfield, Oregon