ChiWalking for Rehabilitation

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Recently, the public has been reminded about how important walking is for us. The benefits are broad, from preventing breast cancer to improving memory and brain function. We thought we would also remind you that ChiWalking is also a great tool for injury rehabilitation.

ChiWalking is a safe and effective way to get gentle, weight-bearing cardio and aerobic exercise when you are injured, recovering from illness or surgery, or trying to improve or maintain your health.

Regular, fluid movement is the key to good health and to getting blood and oxygen circulating through your body. The gentle movement of ChiWalking engages your whole body: the core muscles in your torso, your pelvis, legs and arms, as well as your mind. As you walk with short, safe strides, feeling your feet on the ground, allowing the gentle rotation of your pelvis, gently reaching toward the sky with the back of your head, you’ll become more deeply aware of your own presence and personal power. You’ll feel the confidence you need to keep moving forward towards better health.

ChiWalking blends walking with the sound movement principles of T’ai Chi, which has gained much recognition for improving balance, strength, and mental cognition, as well improving the ease of movement. You don’t need to know anything about T’ai Chi to benefit from the wisdom of this ancient martial art.

Doctors recommend ChiWalking because sound movement reduces the risk of injury and pain. You’ll learn to relax deeply, allowing chi (energy) to flow through muscles and joints, nourishing your body while building strength.  The movement principles you’ll learn will make every day movements safer, gentler and more efficient and will help you feel better.

The five mindful steps support every aspect of your life:

1. Get Aligned

Getting aligned means straightening up you posture, but it also means getting aligned with what is most important to you.

2. Engage Your Core

Engaging your core works your abdominal muscles but also engages the deepest part of your being and wakes up your inner strength.

3. Create Balance

Creating balance in movement prevents injuries and balance in your life, and asks you to see your life from more than one perspective.

4. Make a Choice

Making a choice is at the heart of the program.

5. Move Forward

Once you get aligned, engage your core, and create balance, you are ready to make the best choices for yourself and move forward with confidence.

ChiWalking is a safe and effective program to help you heal and recover from illness, injury, or surgery, and can help you improve your mental, physical and emotional health and well-being. You’ll discover the wisdom that is right within your own body and the joy of healthy, mindful movement.

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