Chi Walk-Run Your Way to Fitness and Health

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Written by Oregon Instructor Keith McConnell

One of the most exciting recent developments by ChiLiving is the Chi Walk-Run program. Based on the foundations of ChiRunning and ChiWalking, this collaborative approach offers another energy efficient and injury-free way to be active and to stay fit, for now and lifelong.
New opportunities for aerobic activity and its benefits arise from Chi Walk-Run that may be harder to attain with a strict walking-only or running-only approach. Many runners are finding that, rather than being a sign of weakness, it can be a very positive experience to add intentional periods of walking. It provides an opportunity to reinstate and deepen your practice of the Form Focuses, recover if feeling fatigued, and extend your time on your feet if you’re training for a distance event.

Many walkers find it possible and rewarding to extend themselves into “new” territory by including some running in their workouts. If you’ve been practicing ChiWalking, running may be much easier than you think. Both runners and walkers are attaining increased personal value and significant health benefits by a combination approach.

The Chi Walk-Run e-Chi Training program (and printed program and DVD) teaches you how to safely transition between running and walking while getting you up to the 5K distance in eight weeks. Transitioning smoothly between walking and running is the key in reducing impact, saving energy, and preventing injury. It’s the perfect program for beginners who want to try both techniques, and it’s also a great way for runners recovering from an injury to regain their conditioning and strengthen their technique.

While the Chi Walk-Run program tells you when to walk and for how long, walk-runners will begin to Body Sense when they need to take walk breaks as they move through the program. These choices are based on personal goals, self-awareness of physical and mental states as well as an awareness of outside factors, such as the terrain  around them. How much walking and running is best suited to your goals; how are you feeling today; what level of effort are you looking for at this time?

If you currently walk or are planning to begin a fitness plan including walking, you may find that Chi Walk-Run is a further step forward that you can take. In the months since the formal introduction of Chi Walk, many walkers have found this to be true. Likewise, if you currently run or used to run, adding walking to your fitness regime may make your overall workouts more enjoyable; again, many runners have been re-vitalized by the new Chi Walk-run approach.  Perhaps your personal health and fitness goals would also be enhanced by this exciting and innovative approach. Chi Walk-Run, it’s a step in the right direction.

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