Running & Walking Combine to Help You Get Fit & Feel Great

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If the idea of running feels daunting or beyond your current capabilities, but walking does not feel like enough of a fitness program, don’t despair. There is a gentle and healthy way to bring all the cardio-aerobic, bone-building, fat-burning benefits of injury-free running into your fitness program. The ChiWalk-Run program teaches you a safer and more gradual way to introduce pain-free running into your walking program while always keeping the needs of your body in mind. Whether you eventually begin  running full-time or decide to always have a mix pain-free running and walking, you’ll create a strong foundation of healthy movement that will keep you injury-free and active for the rest of your life.

We developed the ChiWalk-Run Program to fill the needs of everyone, regardless of their current fitness level, to begin running…whether it’s for the first time or returning to a running program after an injury or some other interruption. This program is for anyone needing a safe and easy way to get moving again.

When you learn to mix injury-free running with walking, your fitness options open up. You can have ChiWalking as your base exercise and punctuate it with intervals of ChiRunning to fit your exercise needs. When your body says you’ve had enough you can drop back into a nice fitness walking tempo until you’re recovered. Over a period of weeks, as your overall conditioning increases, you can opt to increase your running as your body dictates.

ChiWalking and ChiRunning share the same fundamental principles borrowed from T’ai Chi:

1. All movement originates from your center.
2. A strong core (center) holds your posture in tact while your forward lean engages the pull of gravity, allowing your shoulder, hips, arms and legs to relax and work less. In a nutshell, gravity assists you to move forward with less effort.
3. You can walk and run more easily when your arms and legs are relaxed and fluid. (There’s no doubt you’ll have happier workouts when you’re not pushing, pulling and overworking all your muscles.
4. Your mind direct your “chi” or energy which in turn moves your body. In ChiWalking & ChiRunning, you learn to create the conditions for your chi to flow.

As you learn and practice your ChiWalking skills you’ll gain confidence with every lesson, and the Chi approach to natural-form running becomes an easy next step to increasing your level of fitness. With Chi Walk-Run you are in the driver’s seat and can determine when and how much injury and how much you want to walk.

We’ve designed a great ChiWalk-Run DVD and Training Program to guide you through 8 weeks of workouts. You’ll learn how how to smoothly transition between walking and running so that you don’t waste energy. And, at the end of 8 weeks, you’ll have a set of skills that can have a significant and long lasting effect on your whole life: good posture, a stronger core, deeper relaxation, a focused mind and much more.

You can walk-run any distance from a 5K to a marathon, if you so choose. However, when you see how easy, gentle and pain-free running can be, you may find that your walk breaks are fewer and shorter than you ever expected. You may also find that you enjoy the walk-run dance and that adding just a little bit of running into your workout gives you just the right amount of added cardio and aerobic conditioning you need. Whichever way you go, you’ll move forward with two great ways to bring more chi into your movement and into your life.

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