ChiRunning the Portland Marathon Pain-Free!

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Dear ChiLiving folks,

Just thought you might like to hear that thanks to ChiRunning and things I learned from the UVA sports med conference, I successfully rehabbed my knee, hamstring and hip flexors while training for the Portland Marathon and completed that marathon on Oct 9. Felt good the whole race, maintained a constant pace, no injuries, and my finish time of 4:06:51 was 22 min better than my previous marathon in 2009. This was only my 2nd marathon and was a much less painful and therefore much better experience than my 1st. I felt so much better conditioned and prepared and was hardly sore at all by 3 days after.

It was such a night and day difference to go from running a marathon (in 2009) with so much pain to running this one 2 yrs later with virtually no pain. I felt so good that I was able to pass other runners the whole race (according to chip tracking data, I passed over 400 runners in the final 10K!)


Melissa W.